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Enjoy the under water sea life on this luxury Trip Style holiday.

Night diving on Richelieu Rock.

Whale Shark encounter on a night dive Richelieu Rock is often the very reason divers want to go on a live-aboard to the Similans & Surin Islands, it is the dive site people most want to visit and the reason is justified. The dive site itself is breathtakingly beautiful, covered in purple soft corals, Anemones, Gorgonian Fans, Knotted fans, Sea Whips and full of life, it is easy to see why divers want to come back again and again.
No two dives are the same, and it is impossible to see everything in just 1 dive, for that reason the Scuba Explorer spends a whole day at Richelieu Rock making 3/4 dives. We have had the added pleasure of doing a night dive on Richelieu Rock, very few Live-aboards offer this due to currents, depth, customer experience or time. So of course we all jumped at the chance, kitted up and jumped in before the tour leader could change his mind.

The excitement of descending onto Richelieu Rock in the dark was apparent in all us Instructors, I don’t think the customers realised that a night dive here was not often done as they laughed at us all fighting to get in the water first. As we all descended with our torches turned on the colour of the corals light up under the artificial light, glowing in the beam it looks even more beautiful at night.

The peacefulness of the Ocean at night and the fact that we were the only live-aboard diving there made me feel utter calmness, like I was floating through space. I love night diving and this dive was definitely one to remember.

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The Scuba Explorer is one of finest live-aboards you’ll find in Thailand. She’s big, she’s stable, and the quality of service is unparalleled. Until 2007, she was a Japanese-only boat, but that has now changed. Today, the Scuba Explorer is open to people from all countries who are interested in a first class luxury live-aboard holiday with superior service.
You’ll find that a trip on the Scuba Explorer is memorable not only for the wonderful diving you’ll experience, but also for the unique cultural opportunities you get when people from all over the world come together to share a common experience. Feel free to check our our upcoming live-aboard trips or keep reading for more detailed information on the M/V Scuba Explorer.

The entirety of the Scuba Explorer is air-conditioned and can comfortably accommodate up to 22 guests in 11 cabins. The Scuba Explorer’s size and spaciousness will surprise even the most seasoned live-aboard diver as the cabins are larger than one would expect on a scuba diving live-aboard even a luxury one, plus the Diving Deck is absolutely enormous with space for over 40 divers. We also have a music system that is available throughout the ship, but has individual volume control in all areas, even on the Sun Deck.

Another special feature of the Scuba Explorer is that, she is fast. With a cruising speed of 12 knots and a maximum speed of 16 knots, we are able to offer you a fantastic luxury live-aboard diving holiday directly from Phuket itself – no mini-bus rides at the crack of dawn to get up to Khao Lak which can be a 3 hour ordeal some days. We depart in the evenings, meaning by the time you wake up from your gently slumber we are already in the Similan Islands ready for your first dive, cool yeah?

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Due to her size and stability, sea sickness on-board the Scuba Explorer is a rarity. Of course, we do have sea sickness tablets readily available in the lounge & dining area. We even have 4 stabilizers on the hull of the ship to reduce rocking, so even if the weather takes a turn, your stomach won’t!
Regardless of the cabin type you choose, diving off the Scuba Explorer is fantastic. However, we do offer three levels of quality & luxury accommodation to fit various budgets: the Standard Packages are for those just looking for a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, the Deluxe Packages for those willing to spend slightly more for a spacious cabin with beautiful views and their own fridge, the Luxury Packages are for those divers looking for the ultimate in diving holiday comfort, gorgeous vistas, roomy accommodation with private bathroom & shower facilities, fridge, tv, dvd player and lots and lots of places to stow gear.
All of the cabins have multiple electric outlets (AC 220V) for charging cameras, phones and batteries.

Diving Koh Tachai – Similan Islands
Koh Tachai Pinnacle (or Twin Peaks) is known for its impressive boulders, beautiful coral gardens and crazy currents, this makes it one of the most exciting dives on the Similan Islands live-aboard cruise. You descend down the buoy line on the east side of the pinnacle, using your arms to pull you down the rope as the current takes the rest of your body forcing you horizontal, make sure to hold onto your mask if you turn around to look behind you else the current can take it.
Once down your dive guide will find ways around the pinnacle hiding you from the currents, weaving in and out of the massive granite boulders. The currents not only make for an interesting dive, they also bring with them the big fish which make this site a must to dive.
The beautiful coral gardens on the north side of the pinnacle have some hidden wonders in them, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Hawksbill Turtles, Sea Snakes, Devil Scorpion fish to name but a few. Explore the powerful granite boulders or the colourful corals, or just hang in the current holding onto the tops of the rock waiting for Mantas to pass you by, whatever dive you do you will love Koh Tachai Pinnacle.

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