• BALI
    All you need to surf Bali is a board & shorts. We will take care of everything for you so you can spend the maximum time in the water surfing Bali world famous, and some lesser known Bali waves.
  • BAJA
    Reward yourself in style with a yoga retreat in Baja.Aimed to encourage health and well-being through conscious physical movement, whole foods and stress free living.
    The ultimate in luxury remote wilderness experiences, crafted just for you, offering an unforgettable luxury experience.
    Find fantastic swimming beaches and epic surfing destinations boasting kilometers of white sand and unrivaled waves.
    France offers an endless array of experiences. You’ll find vibrant city breaks and quaint country retreats, rustic vineyards and exclusive beach resorts.
    We bring you the best boutique hotels, luxury villas, stylish cottages and retreats that Greece has to offer.
    Enjoy Italy's famous culture, traditions, architecture and food, from sun soaked beaches to romantic cities.
    Discover Mexico with a range of luxury holidays featuring incredible scenery, historic ruins, yoga and surf retreats, exclusive beach resorts and lush jungle destinations.
    An Exclusive collection of top destinations with the best of Sumatra luxury holidays.
    Get up close and personal with Nature while enjoying lavished retreats with everything the serious traveller looks.
    Thailand is one of the most stunning and culturally rich areas of Asia. With its lush mountains and white sand beaches, luxury resorts, cabins, retreats there is something for everyone to enjoy.
    A truly gem, showcasing nature's scenery merged with eco friendly lodges, parks, safaris, resorts and spectacular views of the animal kingdom.